Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial Video

RibbonBraceletPhotoSeveral months ago, I posted a tutorial for making a simple ribbon bracelet with just a bit of ribbon and ribbon crimps to finish the ends.

It was such a fun and easy project, I decided it would be a great demo to share with the folks who visited the Renaissance Ribbons booth at their Quilt Market and Quilt Festival.  While demoing, Edith Minne, owner of Renaissance Ribbons filmed this video.

You can tell she caught me by surprise, but it will give you an idea of how quick and easy it is to make one of these bracelets.  They were a bit hit in Houston.  Between Quilt Market and Festival, I must have made hundreds of them.  They look great made with any ribbon, and you embellish them further with buttons or beads or other trims.

Check out the ribbons at the Renaissance Ribbons store.  You’ll only need about 6″ – 8″ to make a bracelet.  And look for the crimps and clasps at Twilight’s Fancy or Fire Mountain Gems.

London Olympics Ribbon Bracelet

I am working on a ribbon jewelry tutorial for an upcoming post on the Renaissance Ribbons blog and I fell in love with the Union Jack ribbon they recently sent to me.  With all the buzz about the upcoming London Olympics opening this week, I thought this easy-to-make project would make a great accessory to get into the spirit of the games.

Union Jack Ribbon Bracelet – Ready for the London Olympics

Here’s what you need to make the bracelet:

7/8″ British Flag ribbon (Measure your wrist to determine the size of bracelet you want then subtract 1″ from that measurement to determine the length of ribbon you will need.), two 7/8″ ribbon crimps, lobster clasp and 3 jump rings, chain nose and nylon jaw pliers, Fray Check.

Apply a little Fray check on the cut ends of the ribbon to prevent them from unraveling.  Then use the nylon jaw pliers to attach the ribbon crimps to each end.

Hold the ribbon straight while you close the pliers and crush the crimps tightly onto the ribbon ends.

Add a jump ring to each ribbon crimp.  Add another jump ring and the clasp to one side.

It’s that easy……you’re done!                                          

The British Flag ribbon is available in the regular style I used as well as a very cool distressed styleI may not be able to jump on a plane to see the games an person, but I can wear my ribbon bracelet while I sit in front of the telly eating my crumpets and tea (better make that iced tea!)