Woven Ribbon Ring Bearer’s Pillow

We’ve been in full wedding prep mode around here for several months.  My daughter Emily is getting married to the love of her life, David, this October.  So we have been looking at wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, the usual bridal magazines, even watching those addicting Friday night bridal realty shows, all the time gathering ideas that she likes and reflect the mood they want for their special day.  So when sew4home.com asked me if I’d be interested in working on a bridal project, I had to admit I was already inspired and had lots of ideas.

Sew4home.com was planning a rustic wedding story, utilizing some of the same ideas Emily and I been talking about – burlap and lace and ribbon, an elegant look with a contrast of textures.  I love that idea.  So with that in mind, I thought of making a woven ribbon ring bearer’s pillow and here is the finished project.  RingPillow

I never knew the history and tradition of the ring bearer’s pillow.  Sew4home did a nice job with that, to quote their post:

In Ancient Egypt, pillows were a sign of wealth and prestige and were often used to carry ornamental items, such as precious jewels. The amount of money a family had determined the number of jewel-covered pillows on display. Similarly, the Romans used pillows to present precious items to the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony. A page would be selected to bring in pillows laden with gifts during the ceremony. Royal families would present the couple with crowns brought in on a pillow. Today, the pillow continues as the traditional way to transport wedding rings down the aisle, usually in the shaky hands of the bride’s or groom’s youngest male relative.

I chose to make my ring bearer’s pillow with woven ribbons.  I selected 3 grosgrain ribbons and flower buttons by Riley Blake Designs from Fabric.com.  I liked the idea of using the somewhat sportier grosgrain ribbons, instead of the expected satin ribbons usually associated with anything bridal.

I wove the ribbons onto fusible interfacing to create the front of the pillow and then used that “fabric” to construct the pillow.  The full tutorial for making the pillow is on the sew4home.com blog.RingPillowCloseUp

Will I be making another ring bearer’s pillow in a few months?  Will it be made of woven ribbons?  Maybe, but it’s really up to our bride.  We haven’t gotten that far yet…still so many decisions to be made.  All I know is that we are having a lot of fun planning and like all weddings, it will be a very special day.