Elaine Schmidt Blog 2.0….Welcome Back

Images from the Blog that Disappeared

For many reasons, both personal and professional, life became overwhelming several months ago and I stopped blogging.  And then I found it difficult to get back to the habit of posting.  I am sure I am not the only blogger that this has happened to.

So to get inspired to blog again, I signed up for Sister Diane’s Crafty Pod online Blog Tune-Up class.  A tune-up sounded like just what I needed.  Although my first attempt at a blog was OK, there was more I wanted to know how to do and I felt that taking the class would force me to spend some time focusing on the blog and making it what I wanted it to be.  I was not disappointed.  Diane’s class was great.

Armed with a list of things I wanted to change and update, my loving and patient IT guy (husband Ken) was there to help me.  We originally set up my blog through Yahoo Site Solutions.  (Ken is a Yahoo! employee, so that seemed like the obvious way to go.)  Well, turns out somehow, someway…and somewhere…I ended up losing my entire blog.  Everything disappeared into the thin air of the blogosphere…images and words nowhere to be found.

So rather than fussing over it, I am starting the second version of my blog.  And as a memorial to the original blog, I’ve posted a mosaic of some of my favorite images.

Here’s to new beginnings.

Back online

(No) thanks to Yahoo!’s Small Business, I have abandoned their blog and moved to WordPress. Unfortunately my previous posts are apparently lost. Sorry if  you are looking for any of them.

I promise more posts coming soon!