2014 – A New Year Begins

View from under the deck in Mt. Snow, VT

View from under the deck at Mt. Snow, VT.
Interesting lines & angles.
Inspiration for a quilt?

Another year begins.  A good time to stop and reflect on the year that has passed and the one that is to start.  My resolutions always seem to remain the same – get organized, pair down the “stuff”, move more, eat healthy….

It’s a popular notion to select a special word to define your goals for the upcoming New Year.   I was going to select “Balance” since I kept reminding myself to keep things in balance as I juggled many “interesting” balls during the last few months of 2013.  Looks like “Balance” is a very popular concept – from the theme of this month’s Real Simple magazine to many personal blogs and TV segments.

Since the idea of “Balance” got me through the end of last year, the work/phrase that comes to me now is “New Perspectives – Looking at Life from a New Vantage Point”.  I like the idea of taking a minute to stop and think and see things in a new way.  As our lives change, we are given the opportunity to have that new perspective.  It just takes the confidence to listen to the little voice in your head that encourages you to think “outside the box”. (I hate that phrase!  I see a bunch of words captured inside a square.)

So here’s to New Perspectives in 2014 and the exciting places they may lead me to in my work and personal life.

Turned on its side - still an interesting inspiration for a design.

Turned on its side…still an interesting inspiration for a design.

Happy New Year!