Going to QuiltCon

I am so excited about going to QuiltCon in Austin.  I signed up so long ago and can’t believe it’s just around the corner.  Texas….here I come.

In anticipation of meeting everyone, the Modern Quilt Guild has invited all attendees to a Linky party and suggested we post five things about ourselves that people might not know about us.  So here goes:

1. I have an irrational fear of birds, especially pigeons.  Is that weird?  Are there lots of birds in Austin?

2. I won the “Crisco” award in middle school for best home economics student.  My dad called me his “Crisco Kid”.  Guess I’ve always like to cook and sew.

3. I do not really like to drive.  I live in the country and the grocery store is 7 miles away, so I have to drive a lot.  But I am a city girl at heart.  Give me a train or a plane or a bus and a project to sew or knit, and I’m a happy camper.

4. I owe 7 machines that sew (some better than others) – including one that my husband noticed uses no thread.  That’s my needle felting machine – kinda like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes….you do know you are sewing without any thread, right?

5. I’ve never called myself a “quilter”.  I’ve only made one bed size quilt, and that was many years ago when we were first married.  Looking back at it, I guess it does looks a bit “modern”.  It certainly was improvisational.  I sewed together all types of dress making fabrics and then learned that combining loosely woven fabrics with more firmly woven fabrics will not hold up well to repeated washing.  That quilt bit the dust in very little time. FirstQuilt1972After that, I turned my interest in sewing to wearables and other non-quilt projects. I used to love wearing this skirt.  Made this long one and a short version too. Check out those fabric prints from the 1970’s..PatchworkSkirt1972My love of sewing led me to a career in design and crafts, so I have made a few quilts for my clients.  But mostly they are small wall pieces, such as this Kaffe Fassett ribbon and fabric quilt I designed for Renaissance Ribbons.
QuiltinGardenI do love combining fabrics and colors and piecing them together, especially in an improvisational way.  But I have a lot to learn about quilting, and I know that I will improve my skills and get lots of inspiration while I am at QuiltCon.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


15 thoughts on “Going to QuiltCon

    • Thanks, Ashley. That is a quilt I designed for Renaisssance Ribbons Quilt Market booth. I never wrote up any instructions. Basically I took a pack of Kaffe charm squares and sewed a length of ribbon to each square. I didn’t try to place the ribbon in the same place on each square. Then I sewed the squares together rotating each to give a log cabin look.

  1. I love your ribbon quilt! I’m very structured, concrete sequential? I’d never have thought of putting the ribbon in different places on the square but I love that idea! It’s beautiful!

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  3. I do not like to drive either, and I too, won the Betty Crocker award in high school for the best student in Home Economics! We are kindred spirits! I love your Kaffe Fasset quilt….it’s beautiful, and now you must call yourself a quilter!

  4. I would love the pattern! I have some Kaffe Fasset jelly rolls and charm packs and want to use the up. I would be happy to pay for the pattern.

    I will not be selling it just a 60th bday present for my Bff.🤓

    • Thanks, Cyndi. I never wrote up any instructions for this quilt. I just had fun with the squares I had on hand, sewing on strips of KF ribbon before I pieced them together. It is a good way to use up bits of ribbon and leftover squares and strips.

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