Invitation to a “Precut Patchwork Party”

I am so excited!  My new book for Creative Publishing International is now available – Precut Patchwork Party.  It takes awhile to edit and publish a book so it’s always such a thrill to see all the projects I’ve designed finally come together.

Precut Patchwork Party CoverI am a big fan of precut fabrics.  All those strips, squares and fat quarters, in yummy colors and prints, packaged like little gifts, are hard to resist.  I often pick them up with absolutely no idea of how I will use them.  They are just too pretty not to take them home.

There are lots of patterns available for making quilts with precut fabrics.  But I wanted to explore other things you could make with them so this book features all sort of projects…everything but quilts.

I designed a group or home decor projects – pillows, placemats, tablecloth, tea cozy, even a headboard and a lampshade.  HomeDecAnd I also designed a variety of accessories, wearables and gift projects – bags and totes, child’s dress and skirt, baby gifts, aprons and more.

AccessoriesWearablesGiftsI’ve included lots of basic information and tips, as well as my favorite sewing techniques, such as fabric rick rack and pom-pom trim.

BasicsThe beauty of working with bundles of precut fabrics is that they are coordinated by color or theme or designer collection and all the fabrics work well with each.  Mix and match as you like.  You really can’t go wrong.  And sewing with precuts is really easy – lots of straight sewing.  All the projects in my book utilize the standard sizes of precuts so you can get started right away with very little time spent cutting fabric (not everyone’s favorite part of any sewing project).

The projects in this book are perfect for a new sewist as well as someone who has been sewing for awhile.  They all are constructed with very basic sewing techniques.  Anyone who makes quilts and wants to do something new with their stash of precuts will find inspiration.  So next time you can’t resist buying those beautiful bundles at the quilt store, know that there is a lot you can make with them, other than your beautiful quilts.

Consider this post to be an invitation to the party!  No need to RSVP.  Just check out Precut Patchwork Party on Amazon, grab some precut fabrics and have fun.  Make something for yourself or your home or a gift.

7 thoughts on “Invitation to a “Precut Patchwork Party”

  1. Elaine, In a recent newsletter from Sew Savvy when talking about your sewing room, there was a picture of your cutting table. Where did you get the table? It looks like a great size.

    • Oh, I love my table! It was made for me when we semi-finished our basement and added the shelving to the walls. Nothing fancy. It’s constructed from sturdy 2 x 4’s. The best part is its a comfortable height and I can stand and work all day. I am sure someone handy with basic wood working could make you something similar. Look for a large self healing cutting service and then have them make a table to fit it.

  2. I need a copy, the second page only, of an Elaine Schmidt’s pattern of s woven ribbon heart shaped pillow from Crafts Magazine February 1997. I made this for my daughter back then and I found the instruction page but only the first page. Would like to make it for my granddaughter. Thank you in advance for your help

    • Hi Joyce,
      Thanks for contacting me. I’ve looked through my computer files, as well as some old file folders, and I cannot locate the instructions for this project. As it was published almost 20 years ago and I have done so many projects for various magazines, books and manufacturers since then, I cannot remember the specifics of this design. I might be able to give you a few guidelines if I could see the one page you have. However, I do not have the actual reference myself. Sorry I cannot be more helpful at this time.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    I am looking for the pattern I have seen in a multi-red Kaffe quilt. It has three strips in each square and the photo shows it coming out of a cherub’s mouth in a garden setting. Can you help me with this?

    • Dear Jane,
      I apologize for this very late reply. I don’t think I ever wrote instructions for that quilt. But, you are right. It was made by taking squares of various Kaffe prints and placing a ribbon on each square and stitching it down. I believe the squares were from a charm pack and were 6″ square. The ribbons varied in size and styles and were placed on the squares in random positions and topstitched in place – some were centered and some where off to the left or right. The decorated squares were then sewn together, alternating the ribbons horizontally and vertically. Then borders were added with additional lengths of various Kaffe ribbons added to each border before they were stitched together. Hope that helps. Elaine

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