Schiaparelli and Prada…..Carol and Me

Yesterday I met my friend Carol Zentgraf for a play date in NYC.  Carol is a prolific author, sewist and designer and was in the city visiting her daughter.  Since we share an interest in all things fabric and design, it was easy to come up with some fun things to do, despite the fact it was about 100 degrees and very humid outside.

Arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Last year when she came to NYC, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and enjoyed the John McQueen exhibit.  This year we set out to see Impossible Conversations at the Met, the Schiaparelli and Prada exhibit.  It was amazing!  The details and embellishments of the garments and accessories were so intricate and interesting and everything was so well displayed that we could see all the details.  The exhibit showcases the work of these two legendary Italian designers of different generations and includes footage of an imaginary conversation between the two.  Although photographs were not permitted in the exhibit, I did find this review online that included several images.

The book that was published for the exhibit is beautiful so of course I had to order a copy as soon as I got home.  (We both decided we didn’t need to lug that book around the rest of our day in the city.)  It is available on so if you can’t get to NYC before the exhibit closes on August 19, you can order a copy and pretend you were there with us.

After a yummy lunch at the Eataly, we took a quick detour to Fishs Eddy and then headed to ABC Carpet and Home, our personal mecca of design and trends.  As expected, we loved everything we saw and came up with so many ideas we could use in our work.  Just as I looked at my watch and realized I had better head back to NJ to catch the train home, the heavens opened up – buckets of rain, roaring thunder, flashes of lightening and hail pounding the pavement.  Needless to say, we stayed in ABC to ride out the storm.  We laughed as we thought of ourselves stranded there for the night.  What a hardship that would be…..forced to spend time amongst all those beautiful things?

In the end I braved the storm and made it to the train station.  My feet were soaked, my sandals will never be the same, but I was smiling.  I had a wonderful day with my friend with memories and inspirations that will last me quite awhile.

2 thoughts on “Schiaparelli and Prada…..Carol and Me

  1. Hi Elaine,

    I was just about to log off the PC for the night when I saw your pingback to the exhibit review on our site at It sounds like you had a thoroughly Italian day between Eataly and Prada and Schiaparelli! I did my very first internship for two years at the Met and it’s an enchanting place that I miss terribly now that I’m living in FL.

    Love your blog and look forward to following it. Glad you found us.


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